Stayfree® Maxi Overnight Pads with Wings

Stayfree® Maxi Overnight Pads with Wings - the only Maxi with NIGHT-GUARD® Zone and 24 anti-leak channels for up to 10 hours of overnight protection during heavy period flow.

Also available in a 14 count.

About Stayfree® Maxi Overnight Pads with Wings


Stayfree Maxi Overnight Banner


  • OVERNIGHT PROTECTION for even heavy periods to help you wake up feeling more comfortable
  • FLEXIBLE FIT DESIGN allows you to move freely while you sleep and still helps to keep you protected from leaks
  • NIGHT GUARD ZONE with 24 anti-leak channels and extra wide coverage help protect against leaks from front-to-back and side-to-side so you can worry less and focus on a good night's sleep
  • SOFT AND COMFORTABLE materials that quickly absorb and keep fluids away from your body so you can sleep comfortably and confidently
  • NEUTRALIZES ODORS so you can wake up with confidence and without changing your routine


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