STAYFREE® for Teens

  • On Your Way to Womanhood

    From responsibilities to relationships, from hormones to homework, getting through the teen years can be tough. It’s OK to stress about things sometimes. Just never doubt that you’ll get through it!

    There are some issues that won't go away when you enter adulthood. Yes, we're talking about those "female" things. Let's face it, boys put on their underwear and they're done! As females, we have lifelong personal "protection" and "freshness" issues to deal with.

    We invite you to read about some of these issues. And about how STAYFREE® products can help.

  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Yes, It’s Real!

    What is PMS? What can you do to manage symptoms?
  • The Flow Down Below It Doesn’t Stop at Your Period

    Learn the difference between normal and abnormal vaginal discharge
  • For Parents or Guardians Preparing a Teen for Menstruation

    When it's time to have that conversation.
  • Protection Approaches Be Ready—For Anything!

    Versatile protection solutions for teens.
  • Products For Teens

    Learn how STAYFREE® products fit perfectly into your teenage lifestyle.